Brazil is the Latin America's largest economy with strong internal market enabling opportunities for imported products. The forecasts for the Brazilian economy show a country with great opportunities and growth prospects.

AKHI can act as your agent promoting your product on Brazilian market.

Further research of potential buyers, we analyze the import costs and develop a price compared to buying domestically. Thus the importer will have total capacity to analyze and compare the advantages that your product has to offer.

To facilitate the import process, we have developed partnerships with "Trading Companies" that will allow importers to receive the goods as if they bought domestically. Our relationship with carriers, airlines, freight forwarders and customs brokers will result in a custom strategy for promoting your product in Brazil.

Our main activities:


- Visit to new customers and expansion of customer base;
- Trips to actual customers, keeping a high mind share;
- Support to customers with foreign commerce consultancy to break barriers (this is our advantage over other agents because we talk local commerce language, international commerce language and also know the customs procedures);
- Checking the credit situation of customers;
- Help to develop a Brazilian version website;
- Support to develop a advertising strategy (general or digital);
- Presence at Brazilian trade fairs;
- Exclusive phone number to receive customer calls;
- Follow up of orders and after sales from customers;
- Possibility of use partner business card and uniform during visits;
- Support to trademark registry in Brazil;
- Simulation of importation costs can give a better vision of competitivity;
- Good relationship with logistic operators allow to developing customized supply chain solutions;
- Monthly reports and meetings;
- Administrative vision associated with sales expertise.