Keeping the eyes on potential market for Brazilian sweets in the world, D’Angelo Sweets contacted AKHI looking for increase the sales by exporting, developing new markets.

D'Angelo Sweets is a family business, originating in Petrópolis, a city in Rio de Janeiro. Since 1992 they produce artisan based on eggs sweets strictly following the family recipes, in a tradition that is renewed to each generation and assumes the profession of the ancestors, inviting you to "Let yourself fall into temptation", following the famous portuguese saying.

The Quindim in particular is a sweet of portuguese origin, whose recipe, with egg yolk and coconut shaving, came from  the african slaves, at the time of Brazil Empire.  

It is a dessert for refined palates, receptive to the most  delicious in the traditional brazilian confectionery. 

In addition to the traditional and delicious quindim, D’Angelo Sweets invested to develop a lactose and gluten free version, produced with organic sugar and no conservative.

In this partnertship, we will be able to offer the a traditional hand made quindim with one year and half shelf life.

Contact us to be able to show this amazing quindim to your palate and introduce them to your customers.

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