AKHI can be a strategic supply channel for Brazilian Pink Pepper.

What is Pink Pepper? If it is new for you, please find some information:

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Perfect to serve as an ingredient in tasty sauces, Pink Pepper, besides being a delight when combined with beef and poultry, is also very good for healthy.

The sweet aroma of Pink Pepper is very indicated with vegetables or fish. It has a slightly sweet taste, almost imperceptible sting. In this way, it is possible to add pepper throughout the menu without fear, and can influence the feeling of well being and healthy.

The Pink Pepper doesn't belong to the family of peppers, because it is the fruit of the Aroeira (plant), that has aroma of pepper.

AKHI is focused to discover new markets for brazilian products with high potential to export. Always finding sustainable opportunities, we develop structured supply channels to offer long term partnerships.

This is a great opportunity of introduce Pink Pepper in your portfolio and get a new supplier.

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